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“SOCH” Short Film – Father’s Day

by Ashar Stores 16 Aug 2021

Every person wants a persistent heap of affection, support, and love from his loved ones. In these times, every one of us wants to maintain a desired lifestyle in a short time. This craving for materialistic precedence has made us numb to feel the warmth of love and friendship. Many people of our society have chosen to ignore their close ones because they are nothing more but hinder in their goals.

The victims of this money-oriented mentality are often elderly persons especially parents. This mindset needs to be changed because it is damaging the foundation on which our society stands. Family is considered as a basic unit of every community and this mentality is destroying it. To come forward as a powerful nation, we have to reconsider our priorities and strengthen our bonds with our family.

On the path to a better and progressive future, Ashar stores is constantly pointing out such grave mistakes to make a difference in this society.

On this Father’s Day, Asher Stores has brought “SOCH”, a humble attempt to change this materialistic mentality,


A father’s love for his child is one of the most powerful bonds which exists. In fact, this relation is a manifestation of God’s blessings for mankind. Unfortunately, a lot of people around us have turned a blind eye to this blessing. When parents reach a certain age, these kinds of people started to think of them as time-wasting objects. This scenario is being represented by two characters in “SOCH”. This short film is comprised of three different but elaborate scenes. In the first scene, the film opens with a young, well-dress boy and an elderly man walking side-by-side in a beautiful house. Through their conversation, it is revealed that they are father and son. They are having a conversation but their attitude is in contrast with each other. Son is clearly rigid and formal in his behaviour and manner of speaking. While on the other hand, his father is looking quite active and vibrant with his attitude. His happiness is visible to the audience whenever he talks with his son. During their conversation in the room, the father wishes and gives a present to his son and also for his granddaughter. The scene ends after the son leaves and his father is crying hard with sorrow and grief. This first segment is important because it constructs a general narrative of the storyline. In the second scene, the son is shown reminiscing about this meeting with his father. His thoughts are reflecting the kindness, and love of his father for him. During this scene, the son has a conscious trip and realizes his mistake and oversight in his actions. The film ends in the third scene with an emotional reunion of both characters after the son apologized to his father and asks him to come home. This final scene is most important in the whole film because it imparts that the father was living in the old age home. This revelation intensifies the overall message of this short film and hits directly in the viewer’s heart.


The whole film consists of only two characters according to the nature of the story. Both these characters are equally important in the storyline. The character of the father is portrayed by the talented and charismatic actor, Haseeb Khan. He portrayed the character of a lonely father with much accuracy. Throughout the film, an unspoken and unrevealed sadness is being exhibited in his acting. His acting skills are top-notch in the character of the father. The audience can feel an emptiness in his eyes . . . in his conversation . . . and in his behaviour. A sad but strong man, who yearns to live with his son but his dignity doesn’t allow him to directly ask his son. On the contrary, the character of the son has elements of rudeness and reluctance. These elements are visible in the character which is portrayed by a promising and talented actor, Umar Darr. The last scene is heart-warming and full of emotions where both these actors display their great acting skills. So, it is hard to choose which actor is better but Haseeb Khan deserves a little more appreciation for his command and understanding of his persona.


Story is simple yet powerful and effective. The general message of this film is to take care of your parents especially in their old age. But there are other aspects which are worth noticing as well as explaining. These aspects are, the misery of a lonely father abandoned by his own son, the selfishness of today’s youth who changed their preferences after becoming successful. Apart from these, there is another heart-touching message which is “it is never too late to mend”. The reunion of father and son is a personification of that aspect which gives hope to the viewers. So, the essence of this film is to nourish our relationship with our parents by giving love, respect, and time, which they deserve. is continuing its journey towards a bright future filled with love and opportunities for progress for everyone. By highlighting issues of our society and individuals in a subtle way, is providing a cure to these problems by making short films for social platforms. Every short film wraps a specific social or individual problem faced by many of us in daily life. The purpose of releasing these films is to make moral and noble progress in every aspect of life as a nation. Ashar Stores is and will continue its journey in this direction with its unique content to spread love and hope among people.

Film By: Ashar Stores, Written & Executed by: Ahsan Syed, Executive Producer: Babar Majeed
Director: Hafiz Shahid, Cast: Haseeb Khan, Umer Darr, Lala, DOP: Amir Abbas
Edit & Post: M Usman Ali, Music: Nazia Qureshi
YouTube Partner: Bizon TV, Production: Blue Box Solutions
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