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Labour Day - Short Film - Ashar Stores

by Ashar Stores 16 Aug 2021

World around us is changing every day. Somewhere there are political crisis and somewhere people are suffering with climate change and wars. We as a society have touched the depth of inhumane actions which we get to know all day on social media. We all have to stop for a moment and flag our thought process that this world could be better place…. Better place for us… For our children. We can make a better society by caring for each other and doing good for each other. We don’t have to keep shouting, abusing and conspiring all the day.

Ashar stores is heading with you to perform better for this society. Highlighting emerging issues of people daily life and creating awareness are one of the bold steps we have took.

“Hunar” is one of the hooks of process to do so.


The importance of a laborer is far more significant than anyone can possibly conceive. Although they reside at a low level of the hierarchical system of our society, they are the backbone of every culture and community. Labor Day is celebrated to honor and recognize the harsh life of these people but unfortunately, this tradition is long gone. Now, we have forgotten the true meaning and essence of this particular day. Consequently, the very same person for which, this day is celebrated, is suffering more. This is the message which is delivered in the story of this short but comprehensive film. There are four characters that are a depiction of a hard life led by laborers in our country. The two characters of this short film belong to a different socio-economic class of our society and their hard life is also ignored by people. The film opens with a doctor who is exhausted by his long duty. As he clears his last patient and wanted to go home, his assistant informed him about an emergency case. Before he went to the emergency room, it is revealed that he was going home to celebrate his son’s birthday who is waiting for his dad. But due to an emergency case, the kind-hearted doctor couldn’t make it but his stream of consciousness is clear to the audience. He describes that how difficult it is to be a doctor and how much it affects him and his family. A second character is a deliveryman and his hard life is depicted very realistically. A man who brings food to other people is often hungry due to low income and that’s the irony that is shown in this film. Then comes another unusual character who is also neglected by everyone. This character is a chef who happily pleases customers with his tasty food but, his family is deprived of his presence and also his delicious food. The fourth person or fourth type of laborer is a workman of a textile mill. This is a character of a senior worker who just longs for a little bit of encouragement from his superiors. The daily life of these four laborers from different fields shows the audience how much they are being ignored by this society.


The cast of this film is a very accurate depiction of every character which we see in daily life. For example, the character of the doctor is a true representation of this profession and it successfully delivers its point. The portrayal of deliveryman is similar to real-life deliverymen which we daily see on roads. It is hard to choose which actor is the best representation but the actor who played the character of a textile mill worker is outstanding. He got less screen time from others, but his performance is fabulous and proves his point. So, it is evident that every actor resonates with their characters and proves their motif.


This short film is a complete package and targets its viewers in a very subtle way. The message of this film clears from its title but don’t be too quick to judge because it has some deep messages for everyone. For example, it tells the audience that there is not just one type of laborer which is working in construction or some other tough jobs. Instead, doctors who are working in the public sector are also sacrificing their private life and happiness for others. This illustration of a doctor’s hard life, is an eye-opener for many. An there is one important thing that is described throughout the story that, how we choose to ignore these people and we take their work for granted. These hardworking people don’t need our money but our appreciation and respect and we owe them for their tireless service.

Ashar is a platform that took initiative to spread awareness and positivity in society. They are producing short films which are based on some real issues of our society and country. It is easy to talk about these negative things which we see around us, but it takes a lot of guts and effort to do something about this. AsharStories took responsibility for this and stood up to eradicate social and cultural issues by making short films. These short films point out these problems in a unique way that is easy to understand for everybody. These films are a source of awareness, inspiration, and love. Someday, they will make a difference in our society and that day is not so far away.

A Film By: Ashar Stores Written & Directed By: Ahsan Syed Executive Producer: Baber Majeed Ali Edit & Post Production: M. Usman Ali Music: Nazia Qureshi Cast: Dr.Nadeem Sarwar, Ali Nadeem, Waqas Khan, Khuram Sharafat, Shafiq-ul-Rasool Youtube Partner: Bizon TV Production: Blue Box Solutions



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