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Short Film “EHSAAS” Ramadan 2021

by Ashar Stores 14 Aug 2021

Short Film “EHSAAS” Ramadan 2021

In this rapidly changing world around us, everyone wants to keep pace with it. We, human beings, long for progress and yearn for perfection in every aspect of our life. It is not a wrong thing to do so, but we often ignore or hurt someone or someone’s feeling in this process. We also forget the aftermaths which we may face sooner or later when stepping on someone’s emotions. That’s why, it is a need of hour that if we want to head towards a bright and promising future as a nation and as a society, then we have to reconsider our actions, our thoughts and our priorities.

Ashar stores have taken the first step to change the society by bringing out the best from it. By pointing out our wrongdoings as a community or as an individual, Ashar store is aiming for a better society by calling out its forgotten traditions.

“Ehsaas” is another gem that delivers a very powerful message in the paradigm of culture and religion.


The thing which distinguishes us from other life forms on this planet is our ability to perceive other people’s emotions. This capability of ours is the epitome of humanity on which pillars of society stand firmly. When we start to hear unspoken words, start to feel someone’s suffering, that’s the point when we evolve as a community . . .and as a nation. This beautiful gesture of kindness and compassion is the essence of this short film “Ehsaas”. Set during the holy month of Ramadan, it opens with a scene where a female tutor is teaching her students. The students who are 10 to 12 years are clearly sharp-minded, but misbehaved at the same time. This scene narrates the general outlook of the main character which is the female tutor, Amber. In the first scene, it is clear that Amber is a home tutor of two rich kids, and they share a close bond with each other. The scene changes, and Amber arrived to teach, but to her surprise the kids are already studying with much attention. Upon asking them, she is informed that from now onwards, their mother will teach them instead of her. This news shattered her and here starts the most important part of this story. After hearing the news, she assumes that her employer, the mother of her students has fired her. This assumption frightened her and in flashbacks, the viewers came to know about her financial situation. The yearning of her younger sister, echoes in her mind who was asking her about the ration. She remembers her mother’s words who was encouraging her for taking care of the whole family. During this mental turmoil, the mother of her students arrives at the scene. At this point, she was ready to hear the expected news, but to her surprise her employer gave her one month’s rest with an advance payment along with eidi for her and her family. This kind of behavior and great news makes her overjoyed and ecstatic with happiness. This ending scene not only makes Amber happy, but also spread an overall feeling of relief and joy in viewer’s hearts with a great message of affection and goodwill.


Although there are four characters in this short film, but main character or protagonist of this story is Amber, the tutor of kids. Her character is the central point of this story which is a manifestation of a courageous girl who is earning not only for herself, but for her sister and mother as well. Portrayed by Fajar Khan, her acting and dialogue delivery befits the situation of the character in the ongoing story. Her expressions after hearing the news of her expected dismiss reflect her understanding of the character. Throughout the movie, she has been an embodiment of a courageous girl who is working hard for her family. Apart from her character, other cast members also deliver their best and to the point which is visible to the spectators.


The moral of this short film is perceptible from its title “Ehsaas.” The interesting and important fact about this film lies in its story which takes place during Ramadan. It is the month that emphasis taking care of those who are poor or hardly make ends meet. Taking care means not necessarily financial aid, but also a kind gesture that could decrease other person’s difficulties. Like in this film, Amber is given the rest of the whole month with an advance salary so that she can spend these days with her family. This kind act of her employer is a little example of Ehsaas, and we should think and adopt such habits which can benefit others around us.

By rediscovering our heritage and noble deeds of this culture which have been buried under the selfishness of individuals, is playing its part in making this society a better place. Highlighting issues of our society and individuals subtly, is continuing its journey towards a bright future filled with love and opportunities for progress for everyone. For this purpose, short films are released from time to time which directly hits the transgressions of people and groups of people. That’s why this short film is a part of this endeavor which could bring a real change in our social and cultural habits.

Film By: Ashar Stores, Written & Executed by: Ahsan Syed, Executive Producer: Babar Majeed Director: Hafiz Shahid, Cast: Fajar Khan, Aisha Malik, Iffrah, Isbah, Daniyal DOP: Amir Abbas Edit & Post: M Usman Ali, Music: Nazia Qureshi YouTube Partner: Bizon TV, Production: Blue Box Solutions
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