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Budget-friendly ideas to transform your bedroom decor

Budget-friendly ideas to transform your bedroom decor

by Ashar Stores 28 Mar 2022

1.Start with bedding

When you enter your bedroom, the first thing your eyes sit on is the bed. So, starting with the bedding is the first smartest move to make your bedroom look complete in an instant way. Bed when covered with unique and beautiful bedding can turn the table so beautifully that it reveals an immediate grand and sumptuous stare. 

Moreover, most bedding products are available at decent rates that don't bother your budget much. Consider buying a couple of decent fitted sheets in summers, bedspreads in spring and duvet covers in winters to add a wow factor to your sleeping space. 

Your bed look complete here. Now is the time to move on to other things that are seeking your attention to make symmetry with the bed and evoke an expensive five-star hotel bedroom appearance.

2.Open up with fresh paints

Painting your bedroom walls makes a huge disparity in overall bedroom appearance. It makes a big picture in less expenditure, so why not try this before getting into other significant details. Wall paints give your room a fresh and brighter look but the colour your choose holds the key. 

You will find numerous paint colours, from decent to bold, tranquil to neutral, contemporary to dark, thanks to the extensive paint brands available. Any colour you choose will add a fresh coat to the wall while barely touching your money. White or any other lighter shade makes your bedroom seem broader, cleaner and more lively. 

Painting one wall with different colours such as deep teal or dark grey is another option to set up a subtle vibe in the cheapest way. The whole painting process typically requires one weekend and there you go. You can also use wallpaper if you have the patience and it is within your budget.

3.Remodeling the old furniture

No one pleasingly changes furniture more frequently, even if they can afford it. It is a one-time investment that you have made already while shifting to your new apartment or home. 

However, you can replace the bedroom hardware accessories that includes knobs, drawer handles, and plates. Go for something rustic metallic, flashy glass, and hand painted wood options to breathe a new life to old furniture.  

There are numerous DIY ideas available on the internet to remodel old furnishing, among which you can't beat the paint trend. Take a paintbrush and paint your bedroom furniture to glam up your decor. The reason why we put this decor idea into the post is that it only steal a few dollars from your wallet to style your bedroom to make you feel proud of.

4.Throw warmth with blankets

On cold winter nights, nothing beats snuggling up with a blanket. Whether it’s for comfort or for style, throw blankets are a great way to add warmth and texture to any room. Besides that, blankets add luxury to the bedding when you can't afford the brand new bedding for layering up. 

Just like with other types of décor, there are several different styles and colours of blankets available, so take your time selecting something that will complement your room. 

You will enjoy decorating your bedroom with throws and blankets depending on the season or holiday. Throw blankets are the easiest approach that can change the mood in your room and get new emotions every time.

5.Uplift your drapes

If you want to do something more daring than layering up with blankets, you can try fascinating curtains or drapes as they are inexpensive ways to add personality to your bedroom. Curtains are often overlooked by all of us as we get used to seeing them every day entering the room. So, switch them for a change. 

Curtains come in a variety of fabrics at decent prices so that you can add luxurious and expensive flair to your bedroom decor. crushed velvet curtains look rich, extra elegant, come with a blackout effect and when you want your room a little bit darker, makes a perfect choice for your bedroom. Make sure to drape them straight all the way from ceiling to floor to upgrade the bedroom's style quotient.

6.Jazz up with wall art

It is possible to create beautiful bedroom walls by doing some super easy DIY wall art. In fact, jazzing up with wall art does not mean that you have to spend more money on spendy wall painting and decorative pieces as you can DIY most of the wall art from the things that are already available at home and ready for use. 

There are numerous wall art DIY ideas you can follow along but the best and most inexpensive art designs include; painting a wall with blossom, floral, or geometric patterns, hanging fancy star stack mirrors, handmade frames and the list goes on.

7.Feel at peace with greenery

The cheapest way to give your room a peaceful makeover is by adding some indoor houseplants, shade-loving flowers and succulents. This connects you with nature and you will enjoy trendy design, colour and texture. 

You can hang some cute plant pots to the corner that give your bedroom a refreshed and rejuvenated look. If nothing else you can go for some artificial flowering and greenery to the wall shelves or side tables.

8.Toss down a majestic rug

Rugs are another excellent way to add style, colour and texture to a room without having to change anything else. Toss down an area rug down the centre of the room for extra colour and warmth. 

Remember that there are a lot of options in rugs to choose from such as shaggy rugs, sienna rugs and carpet rugs. Whatever rug you choose for your bedroom, make sure it complements the rest of your furniture and décor by matching the tones of your walls.

Think carefully about the size of your area. It's best to choose a rug that will fill most of the area and not just an accent piece on an accent wall or flooring. The rug should line the walls and flow into the rest of the room elegantly. If your room is carpeted, pick a rug in a material that looks good against it: shaggy or faux fur are two good choices.

9.Modernize the lightning

Swap out a tired-looking fixture for something fresh and new, or add a new lamp to give your room some extra lighting. You can get creative with bedroom lighting. Install dimmer switches, which will make it easier for you to control the amount of light that comes into the room at different times of the day.

You can also install a chandelier, which can be used as a focal point in the room or even as an accent piece when you are just sitting around reading or watching TV. Replace a lampshade or use a new lamp base with your old shade. 

The shade can make all the difference in the world in terms of style. A plain white lampshade will give off light but won't provide any style. A colourful lampshade will provide both light and colour and make the room more interesting.

10.Finish with cushion arrangements

The main focus of your bedroom will be your bed. Therefore, it pays to ensure that this centerpiece is dressed to impress. After putting a bedspread or duvet cover that complements your colour scheme, you can then use cushions to add an extra dimension to this arrangement.

There are many different ways to arrange cushions on a bed and some people prefer a more minimalist look while others like lots of cushions piled high. To help you decide what will work best in your room, take into account the dimensions of your bed and how much physical space you have available. You can choose from floral designs, geometrics, or even abstract, depending on your mood and style. Mix and match colours, patterns and textures to create a unique look.

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